Wednesday, February 1, 2017

At the Louvre.

I'm on my way to Paris in the Eurostar.
Some time ago Interpol put up on their web-site a list of stolen paintings and works of art. Now they've decided to organise a travelling exhibition of replicas or digital photographs of 'recently stolen paintings', an exhibition which has just started in a room at the Louvre. Somebody in Interpol must have thought that there would be more chance of locating these paintings if more people saw them. I thought I'd take a look. 

When I'd finally negotiated all the Japanese students and elderly tourists in the lobby, and queued to buy my ticket, I walked up the stairs and into the exhibition. Nicely laid out and well lit. Nothing great in the way of paintings except Renoir's 'Jeunes Filles au Piano'. A lot of stuff by artists I don't know with strange names like Grimu, Albotte and even Hulk. 

I am looking at Molinari's 'Hercules and Omphale' when a group of girl students comes up alongside. To my surprise, I think I recognise one of them. But why? How many students with a ponytail do I know? Zero. But this girl, very cute, seems familiar.