Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What does post-modern mean?

Well, it means that a book is not written in the usual way.  In the case of 'The Search for Gabriella' the story is revealed in the usual prose, but also in screenplay form.  As below:


Tancred walks along the quay leading away from Gonzaga's palazzo.

Several berthed gondolas line the quay wall, side by side. Tancred steps into one.

A crossbow bolt thuds into the wood of the gondola.

Two masked men appear, swords drawn. They leap into the gondola, attack Tancred.

Tancred retreats to the next one, drawing his sword. They press him and he jumps to the next gondola. The gondolas sway and dip, sword blades flash in the dark, Tancred keeps his balance, holds them off. He sees Guido watching from a corner.

Two more masked men run up, one has a crossbow.

A GONDOLIER jumps into the gondola alongside Tancred's.

Jump aboard, Captain, and we'll
leave 'em behind.

Tancred lunges (his characteristic lunge) at his two assailants, they retreat, he quickly joins the gondolier.

The gondolier expertly shoves off, rapidly leaves the quay.

The four masked men jump into two other gondolas and begin the chase. The gondolas race alongside quays, through narrow walls, under low bridges.

Tancred's gondola makes good speed, but the others won't give up. The crossbowman fires again and again but it is too dark to be accurate.

They near the Bridge of Sighs.

Come back and pick me up.

As his gondola passes under the bridge, Tancred grasps the iron under-structure and heaves himself up.

He drops onto the first of the pursuing gondolas as it passes under the bridge, knocks the men into the canal.

His gondolier has expertly turned back. Tancred jumps aboard. The gondola races off. The assailants follow close, they won't give up.

The racing gondolas approach a junction with another canal.

Madonna just around the corner.

He swings the gondola round the corner, hugging a high wall. In the wall is a niche with a Madonna statue above a narrow shelf.

Tancred leaps onto the shelf. The enemy swing round the corner.

Tancred leaps onto their gondola, wounds the crossbowman, and punches the second man into the canal with the hilt of his sword.

His gondolier is back again and Tancred jumps aboard.

I'm almighty grateful.

Glad to be of help, Captain.
Where shall I drop you off?

Here. Thanks.

He gets out, hands him a small purse.

No need, Captain. It's already
taken care of.

What do you mean?

The client has already paid.

What client?

The one who sent me to find you.

Someone sent you to find me? Who
was it?

The gondolier shoves off.