Thursday, October 15, 2015

John Problem Interviewed.

Incho Blink interviews John Problem about 'The Search for Gabriella'.

IB:         You've said your book is a post-modern-novel.  
              What is the definition of post-modern in connection with a novel?

JP:          It means the author doesnt have to stick to the old ways of writing novels - with a hero, 
               a heroine, narrative and a clear-cut beginning and end.

IB:          So your new novel doesnt have any of those? 

JP:          Yes and no.  It has four or five heroes all of whom act independently, and it has four 

IB:          Does it have a narrative?

JP:          Actually, it has five narratives.

IB:          Five.  Right.  And where is it set?

JP:          In London, Venice, Prague and Abyssinia.

IB:          Abyssinia?

JP:          Yes, Abyssinia plays one of the seven key locations in the plot.

IB:          I forgot to ask you what type of novel it is - what genre?

JP:        Well. Its a mystery story.  And also an action/adventure story.  Its historical, but also      contemporary.  Its a romance - well, there are three romances in it.  And it jumps back and forth in time.  And it contains two screenplays. 

IB:         It certainly is unusual!