Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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...... with reviews of 'The Search for Gabriella':

"This book is unusual - set in different time periods with different sets of characters, but the theme that runs through it is really clever and keeps you hooked til the end. I liked it because it isn't just one thing - it's a mystery, there's adventure and quite a bit of romance too.

I found it very entertaining. It has a happy ending - I thought perhaps it might not! I love all the characters that pop up - especially Shakespeare and Ben Johnson - how did they elbow their way in?! And all that fighting - reminded me of The Musketeers! Like Dr Who's Tardis,the book ranges over many lands and centuries but brings us safely home at the end. Very ingenious.

Do you like to run, take part in a race? then this book will feed your energy. The quest to find a Venetian picture marked with a Z runs from Venice to London, in time from 1470 to modern day via a writing style bubbling with vigour. Flick the early pages, rest occasionally with longer sentences, but dash through subtle humour to arrive back at the beginning with a taste of art hunting, enjoy John Problem's distinct style.

The Search for Gabriella is indeed a good read. It is fast paced, well rooted in its subject, with very good descriptions, colourful, keeps the tension right through to the dénouement and leaves the reader with a happy ending.
Humour is sometimes overt but never far from the surface. The author seems to be enjoying the story as much as the reader and adds twists and turns into the plot without losing the thread of the story.
Most enjoyable for the mind and the imagination without being too challenging.

Romp of a story - covering many interesting periods and styles of writing.
Good background information - doesn't patronise the reader.
A quick read - would be equally good if specialist areas were amplified - though I imagine Mr. Problem would not want to hold the action and tension up.
Hitchcock would have loved to direct this."

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