Monday, November 10, 2014

Cross-over Character. The mysterious Dobri Den appears in another book by John Problem.....

.......'The Government's Top Salesman Tells All'.  Here he is:

At this moment a good old buddy of mine, a big Czech called Dobri Den appears, resplendent in evening wear. I do the introductions. The Princess seems impressed by his size.
It’s nice to meet one of Dr. Bryggs’s friends,” she says, as though there can’t be many of them. Dobri bows over her hand.
The pleasure is all mine, Princess. As a matter of fact, Jason has many friends. But few as charming as those present tonight.” I detect a glimmer of interest in the Princess’s eye. Buddy-Jo is looking less fierce. Dobri, like the cavalry, has turned up at the right moment.
But you have no refreshment, Princess. Permit me to fetch you something,” he says. He goes off to do this.
He is not an Englishman,” says the Princess.
No,” I say. “He’s from the Czech Republic.”
Ah,” she says. Dobri returns with her drink.
So you are from the Czech Republic? A small country like mine.”
Exactly so,” he replies, “Although there is a particular difference. We do not have Princesses. Alas.” 
I don’t know many people who can get away with this kind of stuff, but Dobri certainly can. And it seems to be having the right effect on the Princess who, still exuding a lot of sex appeal, is now smiling happily as well.
Have you seen the excellent display of Red-Ware here, Princess?” he says. “I should be happy to show it to you.”
What is Red-Ware?” she asks, looking at him as though he were the only person in the world from whom she would like to hear about this fascinating topic.
We shall discover it together,” he replies.
Please excuse us for a while,” he says to Buddy-Jo.
See you in the gift shop in due course?” he says to me. And off they go.
And where did you come across her, Jason?” asks Buddy-Jo.
She’s a client,” I reply brightly, “Just a client.”
Good,” says Buddy-Jo, taking my arm again.

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