Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Who is Gabriella?

Tancred trains the telescope on the road and focuses,
through the dust, on Gonzaga. A tall man, thin, hook-
nosed, head held high.

Tancred moves the telescope to the left and focuses on the
next rider. A very handsome young man, gaily dressed,
armed with sword and dagger.

Tancred moves the telescope again. A second, very handsome,
young man, with identical features to the first. Tancred
moves the telescope back and forth to see if they are the
same person.
Gonzaga's sons. They are twins.

Tancred moves the telescope further to the left. He

Ah. You have seen the girl.

Tancred is riveted to the telescope. The dust clears and
he sees a beautiful girl, swaying gently with the movement
of her horse, pushing a strand of hair from her face.

Who is she?

She is Gabriella. Gonzaga's ward.
She is the daughter of a mercenary captain
who died in battle. Gonzaga took
her in his charge.

What beauty!

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