Friday, March 2, 2012

The Bar-Room Brawl.

Almost every action/adventure movie has a bar-room brawl. 'The Search for Gabriella' is a novel but also features two screenplays, one with a bar-room brawl.  Here it is, from the screenplay 'Tancred', set in renaissance Venice:

The door to the tavern is thrown open. The drunks have returned with reinforcements.
SIEGFRIED: Look at that, now.
ORSO: There's a thing.
VIOLETTA: I'll accept your offer this time, gentlemen. But don't let them damage my chair.
SIEGFRIED: Why don't you move it out of the way?
VIOLETTA: Because it's screwed down. Come, boy.
She and the boy stand back and watch. During the brawl that follows, the golden chair is in great danger of being hit by flying chairs, staggering drunks, men who have been hit hard or thrown by Siegfried or Orso; but each time, in the nick of time, it is saved by them. Also at risk, but protected with great dexterity, is the bottle of wine which loses a few drops, but no more, despite being picked up, put down, and thrown between Siegfried and Orso at dangerous moments in the fighting. The brawl continues until Siegfried and Orso are the last left standing - in front of the chair, Siegfried holding the wine bottle.
THE BOY: Whew!

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