Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What kind of a book is 'The Search for Gabriella'?

Reader 1:  For me it’s a mystery story.  About Ben’s quest to find the answer to his uncle’s life’s work.

Reader 2:  Yes, I see that.  But for me it’s a sort of historical novel.  Look at the different time periods where the action takes place - Renaissance Venice, Elizabethan England, out in Abyssinia in the time of Queen Victoria, and present day London and Prague.

Reader 3:  That‘s true.  But for me, it’s a romance - or two romances. There’s Gabriella and her beau, there’s Ben and the girl who isn‘t named.  But I forgot!  There’s Tom and Diana.  It’s full of romance!

Reader 4:   Well, for me, it’s an adventure story. With a lot of action.  I love the brawl in the bar in Venice, and the gondola chase, and the rockets firing away in Abyssinia, and the sly Kakonin in Prague, trying to outwit Ben.   

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