Saturday, December 31, 2011

How many locales?

The big literary question is - is there much of a difference between novels today and those of the past?  Maybe.  In the past the great writers kept to a limited number of locales.  Dickens in London, Wharton in New York and Boston, James in London and Paris, Joyce in Dublin, Dumas in Paris, and so on.  Well, mostly... 
If a novel has many locales, does that make it more interesting?   'The Search for Gabriella' is located in several different places;  the Abyssinian hills, two of Venice's palaces, a hotel in Liberech (that's a small town in the Czech Republic), Old Prague, The Rivoli Bar in the Ritz, and Gin Lane in London, an art gallery, two restaurants, an army camp....  

In fact, in addition to all these settings, 'The Search for Gabriella' is a novel with a difference in that it includes two screenplays.  So it's not too much in the old style and that's probably why it's been called a post-modern novel.  Publication is coming soon and, as always, the reader will have the last word....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interview with John Problem

Incho Blink interviews John Problem about his up-coming postmodern novel.

IB:          What is the definition of postmodern in connection with a novel?

JP:          It means the author doesnt have to stick to the old ways of writing novels - with a hero, 
               a heroine, narrative and a clear-cut beginning and end.

IB:          So your new novel doesnt have any of those? 

JP:          Yes and no.  It has four or five heroes all of whom act independently, and it has four 

IB:          Does it have a narrative?

JP:          Actually, it has five narratives.

IB:          Five.  Right.  And where is it set?

JP:          In London, Venice, Prague and Abyssinia.

IB:          Abyssinia?

JP:          Yes, Abyssinia plays one of the six or seven key roles in the plot.

IB:          I forgot to ask you what type of novel it is - what genre?

JP:          Well. Its a mystery story.  And also an action/adventure story.  Its historical, but also contemporary.  Its a romance - well, there are three romances in it.  And it jumps back and forth in time.  And it contains two screenplays. 

IB:          How do you find a publisher for such an unusual work?

JP:          Im not going to try to.  It will be published as an e-book. 

IB:          When can we look forward to downloading it?

JP:          Soon!  It will be called The Search for Gabriella.  I hope you will enjoy it.

Sunday, November 20, 2011